Saturday, May 01, 2004


Has the RIAA (Recording Industry Artists Association) turned into another SCO? A company that just runs around suing everyone? Read this article for more information. I really think that lawsuits are the wrong way to go about this. Yes, it is illegal to download music, movies, books, etc. you didn't pay for. Really no way to argue about that, since that's THE LAW. But instead of complaining that people download and share music over P2P networks without paying for them, wouldn't it be a better idea to concentrate efforts on making purchasing music in the traditional manner (on in a new manner) a better option? If the cost of the CD in the store is roughly the same as buying a blank CD and spending the time (and money - for a broadband connection, electricity, a PC and the necessary hardware/software to burn that CD) to create your own CD - but the purchased CD has higher sound quality, has the cover art and liner notes, etc. - doesn't that make it a better value? For me, that would make it worth going to one of the several stores very close to me where I can purchase it. Maybe it's just me.

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