Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sorry for the delay - New twin pictures

OK, OK - I know I promised more pictures like, a week ago. Sometimes, taking care of twins is VERY busy work. I'm sure this comes as a surprise :)
Anyway, I've got more pictures - quite a few. I've got some for you today, and I'll put some more up tomorrow. Oh, dear sister-in-law Jen: I've got pictures of your kid on here now. Stop your whining (just kidding :P)

Here we go -

Alex (from August 25th)

Alex and his cousin Connor

Cousin Connor sure likes cupcakes

Mara is playing Snood with Grandma D

Mara and Mommy

Mara with Uncle Beau

Shhhh - Mara and Daddy are sleeping

The Twins (August 25th)

The Twins and some friends

Who Dey!

Bengal Twins, that's who!

They love the Bengals

Tummy Time!

The onesies say 'Bengals' on the rear!