Saturday, September 13, 2008

On vacation

Yes, I know - it HAS been a very, very, VERY long time since the last update. Hey, cut me some slack - having twins is really tough!! We are all currently in Kiawah Island, South Carolina on vacation. And, let me tell you this... driving that far? With 15 month old twins? Really SUCKS - with a big ol' capital S. They didn't enjoy the long drive at all. And we even split it up into two days to try and make it more manageable - I am NOT looking forward to the return trip. But, anyway, tomorrow I'll have some special pictures to upload - the twins at the beach! Yeah, a REAL honest to goodness BEACH!! But that's tomorrow. For now, you'll have to tide yourselves over with these pictures we took last month at the Columbus Zoo. They had a pretty good time - enjoy!

We're at the zoo!

"Huh? Where are we, Alex?"

Mara didn't like the noise these monkeys made...

"I'm a dragon. DRAGON. I don't do that tongue thing!"




Mara pointing at kangaroo

Alex thinking "Was that a kangaroo?"


Twins and Daddy


Mara likes water



"What's a penguin?"

"Water is better than penguins, Daddy"

"Oooh! Straw!!!"

Alright, Meegan? Now - get off my back!!!!