Friday, May 05, 2006

Do you watch Lost? Then you need to check this website

As longtime Lost viewers know, the mysterious DHARMA Initiative that setup the hatch and many of the other things on the island was created by the Hanso Foundation. The Hanso Foundation website was re-launched on May 2nd, and now holds some tantalizing clues as to what may be happening on the island. It's also part of a game - during the last episode, a toll free number was given out (1-877-HANSORG) - if you call it you get the "Foundation" phone menu - choosing option 1 might just give you a password to access extra content on the site... You can also check out this entry on Wikipedia for more info.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

See? Even George Lucas eventually bows to peer pressure

This is some mighty cool news from Lucasfilm - the as-released-in-theaters versions of the original Star Wars trilogy to be released on DVD starting September 12th. Each will be a dual disc incorporating the original version of the movie plus the Special Edition re-release (already available on DVD). The article says they will be "attractively priced" - whatever that means. Still, it'll be cool to finally have the movies on DVD but in the original versions just like when I saw them in the theater all those many years ago.