Saturday, April 10, 2004

You'll have that...

Ah, what a day. Still trying to adjust to the new work schedule, and I'm really dragging right now. Thought I'd write something to help keep me awake. So, what to write about. Hmmm. Maybe this would be easier if I had some caffeine in me....

(10 minutes later)

Alright, that's better. Caffeine - our fine stimulant friend. Alright, and now - we're writing!
But what to write about? I need...inspiration. Alright, a quick walk should get the creative juices flowing...

(20 minutes later)

Well, that walk was great - a little longer than I intended to be gone, but no matter. And now - to write!
I got nothing.
Oh well. You should be outside enjoying the beautiful weather anyway - not inside reading this.
But I will leave you with this one little link - The new Spider Man 2 trailer!
Be sure to watch it only in moderation - because you should be outside.
Enjoying the nice weather - remember?
Oh, just do it - it'll make you feel better.

Friday, April 09, 2004


Wow, am I tired today. Just started a new schedule - and now I get to work at 6am. That's really early, man. It's worth the payoff though - since I work 10 hours a day, I get 3 days off. In a row. That may not sound like a big deal to some, but I tell you what - it's amazingly hard to get days off all in a row where I work. However, I'm going to resemble the walking dead for a while till I get used to it. With any luck I'll be able to see the new Elisha Cuthbert movie The Girl Next Door this weekend - as long as I can stay awake...

Monday, April 05, 2004

A sad date in music history

On this day 10 years ago, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana alledgedly committed suicide. His body was found three days later. I remember the day the news broke very well, I had gone into work early and hadn't heard the news until a friend of mine came up to me and said that Kurt had been found dead from a shotgun wound. I remember thinking "What a jerk. How could he joke about something like that?" - and I refused to believe him. Later in the day I caught the news and realized that it really was true. I remember feeling very sad for Kurt, that the demons he fought with had finally got the best of him. I remember feeling sad for his daughter, that she would grow up not knowing her father - but having everyone she meets telling her how much they loved her dad and his music. I remember feeling sorry that such a great talent was taken away from the world much too early. RIP Kurt - you are missed.