Saturday, April 02, 2005

Gmail storage space increased

If you have a Gmail account, you probably already know this - it was no joke, Google really did increase their user's storage space from 1 GB to 2 GB. It's kinda cool watching the counter on the Gmail page counting up all day yesterday and today. Currently it's at 2051.585 and rising! The official word from Google is "Our plan is to continue growing your storage beyond 2 GB's by giving you more space as we are able...we want Gmail to keep up with our users and their needs. From Gmail, you can expect more." Nice!!! Now - what do I do with those 50 Gmail invites I've got??

Run Linux on your Nintendo DS

You read that right - run Linux on a Nintendo DS. The DS Linux development group is nearing an alpha release that will do just that. To run Linux (or other software) on the DS will require use of a passthrough device - a device that basically bypasses the DS operating system and runs programs off of a modifyed GBA cart. The development community came up with a device, called PassMe that fills the bill. Also, another development project is trying to bring Linux to the Sony PSP - Looks like they are looking for developers. See what happens if you give geeks a new toy to play with? They band together to come up with something really cool!

Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools!!

Lots of websites do fun things on April Fools, like change the page layout, play tricks on their readers, invert colors, make fake announcements, or do other funny things. But this is just too good - the ladies who write The Fug Blog have decided to go in a new direction, The Hug Blog. Very funny!!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

The history of Mozilla Firefox

Ever wonder how the current Mozilla Firefox we know and love came to be? Read this article for the whole story. (The site was posted on Slashdot, so it's getting hammered right now - might want to try it later.) And remember, if you haven't done it already - Get Firefox!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Problems with the Sony PSP?

It seems that there is a potential problem with Sony's new (in America) PSP - dead pixels in the display. Contrary to rumors floating around the Sony message boards Sony will replace defective units, but you have to send it to Sony Computer Entertainment - America (SCEA) and they'll send you a replacement. So you'd be without it for a week or so. Pretty annoying - but it doesn't change the fact that I want one.
In other PSP related news, here's an article that will show what the PSP looks like opened up. Needless to say, try this at your own risk - you'll void your warranty if you open your PSP. Then where will you be if you start having trouble with dead pixels?

It's time for the Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards

The time has come to vote for your favorite Star Wars Fan Film - you can watch them all and then cast your vote (if you are a member of Atom or don't mind signing up). I watched a couple of them so far, and I thought Sith Apprentice was pretty funny, and Anakin Dynamite was also amusing.