Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby news

Now, don't get excited - they haven't been born yet. We had a close call last weekend, spent Saturday night and Sunday morning at the hospital because of contractions - but they stopped, and were never serious labor contractions. The wife has been on 100% bed rest for the last couple weeks. No big deal though - she was already on bed rest before that. She's seeing the OB twice a week now - we had our last appointment this past Thursday, but no new ultrasounds (unfortunately), since the twins are stacked on top of each other - fun! Shouldn't be too much longer now, the OB has set a date for a scheduled C-Section, June 5th. If it goes that long, that is - who knows? We could be having babies any day now, right now it's a 'wait and see' kind of thing.
I'll post something as soon as anything changes - promise!