Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New pictures - and a surprise!!!

A special treat today - I have new twin pictures (of course), but I also have a few videos today. They were taken with my cell phone, so the quality is only so-so, but hey - if you're gonna complain, then go buy me a real video camera!

NOTE: The videos were not working initially, but seem to be working as of now (11am Oct. 24th).


Alex and Mommy

Alex and Mommy

Mara and Mommy

Mara and Mommy

Alex watching football with Mommy

Alex is getting some cereal


He's mostly holding it in his cheeks

But, we keep trying

Did he actually swallow that?

Maybe, maybe not

Uh oh - spoon feeding didn't make Alex happy - this time

After a bath, Mara becomes - Bunny Mara!

And Alex is - Simba Alex!



The twins

And now - the videos...

Jumperoo Mara

Jumperoo Alex

Dueling Jumperoos (Short)

Dueling Jumperoos (Longer version)

There you have it - hope you enjoyed!