Friday, June 13, 2008

First set of pictures from the twins first birthday party

I know it's taken awhile, but I have procured pictures of the big 1st b-day shindig from three different sources - my brother, my mother and step-father, and Jamie, a co-worker of Sara's (although it was her husband Mike who took the pictures). I've got a LOT of pictures, so I'll be posting some as often as I can over the next several days. Today's guest photographer is my brother, Josh. Hope you all enjoy!

Cousins Victoria and Kayla are checking out the twin's playhouse

Victoria, Kayla and Mara are playing with R2D2

Mara seems to like R2

My Dad holding Alex

My step-mother Peggy holding Mara

Cousin Connor having fun playing with Kayla

Sara with some of our friends -
Laura, Linda, Jamie and her husband Mike

Grandpa Mike (Sara's dad) playing cornhole
with her cousin Ricky

Mara's having lunch before the party
gets into full swing

Victoria helped me out by feeding Alex -
he seems OK with it!

Well, I was going to try and upload more, but Blogger is acting up and won't let me!
I'll try again later, I promise.