Friday, May 21, 2004

Season Finale and a Series Finale

I'm quite the avid TV watcher - Survivor, The Amazing Race (coming back July 6th - WOO!!), The OC, American Idol, The Apprentice, Joan of Arcadia - the list of current shows and old shows I watch could go on forever. The series finale of Angel was on last night, and the season finale of Smallville was on Wednesday. And I stayed up late both nights to watch them - so I'm pretty tired right now :) Anyway, I really liked Smallville - it was a good season-ending cliffhanger. I was very surprised (SPOILER ALERT - DON'T READ FARTHER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE EPISODE - MAJOR PLOT POINTS REVEALED!!) that Lionel had Chloe killed. Not so surprised that he had Lex poisoned (I presume), but that boy really needs to stop drinking booze around the mansion - this is the second time Lionel has drugged his alcohol!!
So, that was Wednesday night - definitely worth being up late that night, in my opinion. Then last night was the series finale of Angel, a show getting killed before it's time, I think. It was pretty darn good last season, and this (now the final) season had ups and downs, but I enjoyed it. The finale though - I don't know. I'm going to watch it again (because my wife slept though it), and maybe it will improve after a second viewing. I didn't hate it - it just didn't really have a note of finality to it. I know that they really didn't intend to be ending the series, and kinda rushed to tie up most of the loose ends - but I still think it needed just a bit MORE. I don't know how else to put it really. Sad to see the show go, but maybe they will bring it back - maybe a movie-of-the-week kind of thing.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

It's a very sad thing - R.I.P. Call For Help

I read The Laporte Report (Leo Laporte of TechTV's blog) frequently - even more often than normal recently because of the TechTV/G4 merger. Sadly, Leo reported today that they have officially filmed the last Call For Help, which will air Friday. I'll admit that I didn't watch Call For Help religiously till Leo was the host - Chris Perillo was cool and all, but not my favorite host. I like Leo, he was the main reason I watched Screen Savers. So I began watching more frequently once he moved to Call For Help, and he put on a good show. I'm sure they helped a lot of newbies - and probably even some experienced users like me. I wish Leo the best in whatever he does, and am somewhat heartened to see that he agreed to keep doing the little 90 second bits he does on Screen Savers. And hey - maybe some other channel WILL pick up CFH - it could happen (keeping my fingers crossed...)!

Truth - or Fiction?

I wonder - is this true? I haven't seen any increase in the size of my Gmail storage. Oh, right - here's why. Best to always wait till you have the facts before putting up articles with unsupported claims, eh?
Hmmm, was that a little to snarky? Oh well ;)

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

THIS is so cool!!

There used to be a cool app called Playfair that let you listen to tunes from your iPod/iTunes Music Store purchases on more than the DRM (Digital Rights Media) allowed PC's. Apple killed it - so it moved overseas. Apple killed it again. Now it's back, and it's called HYMN (Hear Your Music aNywhere). Very cool stuff - as long as you aren't afraid of the command-line interface.