Thursday, April 29, 2004

Think locally...

I work for a corporation that has offices around the country - and I'm sure has some offices (for at least a few of the businesses it owns) around the world. That said, it's very important to the company for local offices to become involved in the community. So, we are always being given opportunities to volunteer our time to local causes and such. I generally put little stock in personal voluntarism, my personal time is very valuable to me. So I generally find myself participating in events I don't have to attend, events I can give money to, or donate goods to. Recently I did do a 5 mile walk for WalkAmerica (their main site is HERE, but local events will be on locally sponsored websites). My wife and I did the walk together, and had a good time. Our office is also doing donations for Operation Feed, a food donation program run annually by the United Way here in Central Ohio. Since that event only requires donations of food or money, I donate :) But anyway, I think the point I'm trying to make here is that I think you don't necessarily have to kill yourself donating hours every week to worthy causes to make a difference. If more people donate time to events they believe in, or touch their lives in some way, then the impact is felt strongly. If you combine that with charitable donations to worthy causes, you've really made a difference. And that's one to grow on ;)

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