Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally - More first birthday pictures

Well, Blogger has been giving me lots of problems, but I was finally able to upload some more pictures from the birthday party. I've loaded up as many as I could for today, and I'm hopeful that tomorrow I'll be able to put up some more.

Sara's cousin Amanda and brother-in-law Beau play cornhole

My sister Megan with Victoria

And with Kayla

Looks yummy!

Mara and Kayla

Connor really wants to help the cornhole players

And so does Kayla

Alex is ready for birthday cupcake

Mara is too

C'mon - Give us the good stuff!!

Go for it, Alex!

Mara gets hers too

Alex is making short work of it

But Mara seems a little unsure

Now she's getting the idea!

But she could still use a helping hand

Alex likes cupcakes :)

Mara is wondering what the sticky stuff on her hand is

Alex is pretty much done

Mara is really enjoying this, though

Maybe having something to drink will help

Alex will have some too

Oooh, it's present time!!

Mara seems much more interested now

Mara really wants that toy phone

Alex really wants that shirt!

Mara is really enjoying getting presents

Alex is too - in his own way

Mara likes playing with the paper

Alex wants to put all his presents in his mouth

Oooh - A boat!!

Oooh - A dragon!

Oooh - More paper!!!

Mara is wondering what is in the basket

Blocks? Let me at 'em!

Alex wants to see too

Thanks again to my brother Josh for taking these, as well as the previous post's pictures. If I can get Blogger to let more upload more pictures tomorrow, I'll be using shots from another guest photographer. See you then!