Friday, May 07, 2004

TechTV staff - You're Fired!! (copyright Donald Trump)

Well, this is unfortunate news. Leo Laporte, TechTV personality and host of Call For Help announced on his blog The Laporte Report that TechTV's new owners G4 TV have fired TechTV's staff (Comcast owns G4). I really liked TechTV, and the posted info on G4's website about the TechTV/G4 merger leads us to believe that some of the best TechTV shows will continue - but will the finest part of those shows, the talented hosts and other on-air personalities - be involved? I, for one, don't think I would want to watch Call For Help without Leo, or The Screensavers without Patrick Norton. In fact, there was a short time recently when Leo wasn't on Call For Help (due to a disagreement with the management of TechTV) - and I didn't watch the show because he wasn't on (They reached an agreement April 15th, he was back on the air on Call For Help on April 20th). Well, let the protests begin, I say.

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