Thursday, May 06, 2004

Don't. Just... Don't.

I'm so sick of hearing about Friends. Ooh, it's the last show, what'll I do without my Friends? Bah. It's been like this since last summer - I'm sick of it. All this hype of a show that hasn't been any good in years. What a waste. I mean, there is a good show coming to the end of it's run this year - Angel. Sure, it was never as big a deal as Friends, and it hasn't been on the air as long. But it was a good show, and it deserves some rabid media attention, right? Wait - maybe if had received some media attention, it wouldn't be cancelled. And now it also occurs to me that sarcasm really doesn't come through when I write something. Trust me though, if you heard that sentence the way it sounded in my head - you'd have TOTALLY got it.

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