Wednesday, May 12, 2004

On Things Involving Cats & Dogs

Random thoughts for today -
Why do dogs love us so?
Do cats get jealous of the dogs, because the dogs love us so?

Yeah, I know, that's a little weird. Let me provide some explanation. My wife and I have two pets - a cat, George, and our dog, whose name is Lucas (yes, I know - "George Lucas". You probably won't believe me if I say that wasn't planned, so I won't even bother to try). George is my wife's cat, she's had him since before I knew her. We got Lucas after we bought our house - Lucas will be 2 years old soon. Anyway, enough background. George and Lucas have what I like to call a "HATE/Why Won't You Play?" relationship. Lucas wants to play with the cat, have a good time chasing each other around the house - dogs do this, it's natural for Lucas to want to, I suppose. George does not like the dog. AT ALL. It's not just a normal disdain that cats have for dogs in general - it's special. He will hiss and spit at the dog, and if up high enough to do so, will wallop Lucas in the head with a right cross paw or two. Like I said - "special". The other day Lucas was following me around the house (like he does) and we went into the kitchen. George was in repose on the center island in our kitchen (like he does) and decided to up the ante some in his ongoing war against dogs. He bit. But not Lucas - he bit ME. Fairly hard too. Didn't break the skin, but I think he would have if I hadn't whipped my arm out of the way in shock. Needless to say, I was very surprised. This was unprovoked - If I am spinning the cat around on his back on the kitchen floor, and he nips my hand lightly - this is to be expected. I provoked that reaction, and it was just a playful nip. This was an unprovoked action, and I'm surprised by it. I don't anticipate further problems, as George seemed very sorry and contrite when he witnessed my displeasure (via the strong (verbal only) scolding he received). But - is this an example of the envy I mentioned earlier? Was he just jealous, because he thinks the dog is loved more? I don't know...

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