Saturday, May 15, 2004

It's a worm eat worm world...

It's a funny thing, really. Someone has written a worm virus that infects PC's infected with the Sasser worm - because of a vulnerability in the Sasser worm itself. But it's not a NEW thing - DoomJuice and DeadHat infected PC's that had the MyDoom worm, however, they didn't gain entry to PC's because of a vulnerability inside MyDoom. That's the new wrinkle to this game. It's just the way of the virus writing community, I guess. As always, run those anti-virus programs, people!
A update on the (alledged) writer of the Sasser worm. Sven J. is his name, and he has told authorities that (get this) he was trying to create an ANTI-virus. Seriously. He says that he came up with Netsky to get rid of the Bagle worm - which the Netsky-A variant does do. Of course, that's not all it does... Anyway, looks like he'll probably avoid jail time. Good for him, I guess.
I have recently had a bad time with a spyware infection - no less than 8 different lame sidesearch, optimizer, and browser enhancer programs just appeared out of nowhere on my Add/Remove Programs list! No idea how these got there, but with help from Ad-Aware 6 and SpyBot 1.3, I got rid of them (I hope...) - but man, was that a pain in the ass! I've never had a big problem with spyware before, and I really hope to never have one again.

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