Sunday, August 19, 2007

You know you love them - pictures of the twins!

And I've really got a lot of pictures too, seeing as it's been awhile since I posted any. Here are the first five, taken August 11th -

Alex looks stunned

Mara wants to know 'What's that over there?'


Mara is too cute for naps

Well, she IS really cute!

Next five - these were taken on the 14th -

The Twins seem to like their Bumbo seats

They look so cute...

Mara seems to be telling Alex 'Talk to the hand!'

So cute!!

Alex is just chilling, not sure what Mara saw...

And here's the last five for now, taken today -

It's Alex!

Alex is happy

Awww, look at Mara smile!

Such a cutie

She's too sweet!

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