Thursday, March 17, 2005

A look at Sony's PSP

I really want one of these - here's an article all about the Sony PSP. It's available starting next Thursday, should cost about $249. It plays games and is capable of showing movies using Sony's high capacity (1.8 GB) Universal Media Disc (UMD). The first 1 million US units will come with a Spiderman 2 disc. It's got Memory Stick, an IR port and 802.11b wireless built in - plus you can connect it to a PC using it's USB 2.0 port, and if you add software to your computer for Sony's Connect online media purchasing service you can download music directly to your PSP. Eventually Sony's Connect service will have video content offerings as well - the service is going to be re-launched later this year to support those kinds of content downloads. Folks in Japan (where PSP has been available for the last 4 months) have figured out a hack to allow you to download content to PSP without paying for it, so I'm sure someone here will figure it out also.

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