Friday, March 18, 2005

George Lucas plans to re-release Star Wars - in 3-D

Interesting announcement - appearing at ShoWest in Las Vegas, George Lucas and a group of other Hollywood directors including James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis and Robert Rodriguez promoted the latest in 3-D technology, Lucas going as far as stating that he will re-release the Star Wars films - all of them - in 3-D. He stated that he hoped to re-release Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope in time for it's 30th anniversary in 2007, and then re-release the rest one per year. Part of the presentation included a screening of clips of Episode IV and Episode II that had been put through the new 3-D treatment by the Agoura Hills, California based firm In-Three. And director Peter Jackson (who joined the others via a pre-taped segment, recorded in 3-D) screened portions of The Lord of the Rings that had undergone the treatment. Lucas was quoted as saying "When you see some of this test footage, it's shockingly good, and you can see how people would want to go see it. It means we can repurpose a lot of old movies, and at the same time it really gives a whole new dimension to the movies we're making now." So, the question is - is this legitimately for the promotion and enhancement of the technology, or just a chance to grab more money?

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