Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Have you ever played Price Is Right...on WEED??

So when I'm home from work on Monday and Tuesdays I like to watch The Price Is Right. Sure, it's a guilty pleasure, but I've been watching it for years and I'm not about to stop now. So anyway, on the show today, a college kid gets called to "Come on down!" and be a contestant. The first thing he makes a bid on, he tells Bob Barker "I've waited my whole life to do this" - and bids $420. Oy. Of course, he's not even close. Next time up, he bids $1420. Oh, hardy har har. Of course, he's wrong again. Next time up - it's the last chance any of these people have to get up on stage because it's the last round - and he bids $420. AGAIN. And of course, before he did it, says "I guess I have to bid $420, Bob." And, also of course, he's wrong. AGAIN. For a stupid pot joke. God, what a tool. I'm pretty sure Bob didn't get it, but from the reaction of a lot of the audience members, they sure got it. Wonder if they were high too?

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