Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Finale of The Amazing Race airs next Tuesday

It's coming down to the wire - the two-hour finale of The Amazing Race will air Tuesday February 8th on CBS. It's been a great season (especially since Jonathan and Victoria got the boot), and I'm really hoping that Kris and Jon win. They have really run a good race, and have had a great attitude throughout the race - got a little down last night during all the trouble they had with cabs in Shanghai - but ended up pulling out a 3rd place finish for the leg. Can't wait for the finale - but the wife and I are bummed that we can't go to TARCon again. TARCon is a big party thrown at the end of each season by some of the fanatics over at, and it's going to be held at Play By Play, the sports bar inside Madison Square Garden just like it was after last season ended. It's a huge party - a lot of past and present Racers come by, as well as tons of fans. And occasionally, Phil Keoghan himself makes an appearance. Oh well, eventually my wife and I will get to go to a TARCon, we hope!

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