Friday, January 14, 2005

UPDATE : The great iPod debacle

So I get home last night to find a letter in my mailbox from Apple's corporate office. When I get in the house and open it, it's from a representative of Apple offering to work with me if the problem is unresolved, and giving me his number. I called but he wasn't in - so I left a voicemail for him. Hopefully I'll actually get a call back. But then, later that evening, I'm eating dinner and the phone rings. The wife answers it, then hands it to me - and it's the manager of the Apple Store at Easton on the phone! He's calling in response to the copy of the letter I sent to him(I sent copies to Steve Jobs, and the Exec VP of the iPod Division, and the Exec VP of the Retail Division too). He did at least apologize, and offered me $50 to use at the iTunes Music Store, which is cool - but he also kinda tried to point fingers at the one tech at the Apple Store who was actually helpful (and fixed my problem), and I didn't think that was very cool. Anyway, we'll see if the guy from Apple calls me back. More updates to come, possibly...

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