Thursday, September 09, 2004


Seems like Blogger was having some server trouble yesterday. I wrote two posts for the blog yesterday morning, and tried (several times) to publish them - with no success. Kept getting an odd error message, after it had tried for 5 minutes or longer to publish. So I emailed Blogger support around 10am yesterday, and hadn't heard anything back from them by 3pm. I decided to try one last time to publish the new posts - and that time it worked! I did get a reply from Blogger support later on that said they had been having some problems and that they should be resolved now. So now I'm keeping my fingers crossed every time I try to publish new posts to the blog - hey, you never know what will help, right?

I'd heard a story about this band on NPR a week ago, and just today got around to checking out their website. The Mini Bosses. They play rockin' versions of old NES game music, like from Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden. You can download a few songs from the website to see what I mean. Takes me back to the old days when I spent hours sitting by the TV playing those games on my NES - good times...

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