Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Give 'em the old flim-flam flummox, daze and dazzle 'em...

Greetings all - I had intended to post on Labor Day, but it turned into a really weird day that involved a almost 2 hour stint at the urgent care office (not for me, for my wife), followed by a fruitless search for a open pharmacy on a holiday. Some HAD been open, but since we were looking for one after 5pm, they had closed. Everything is OK, no major trauma and she ended up not needing the prescription anyway. But no post Monday. Ah well, could have been worse.

Yesterday we went to see Chicago - The Musical at the Ohio Theatre. Been a while since I've seen a musical, and I really enjoyed it. We have season tickets, and this was the first show of the series. A really great way to start - hopefully the other shows will be as good or better. Coming up in the series are Oliver!, The Producers, and Moving Out, among other shows. Should be a good series!

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