Tuesday, February 17, 2004

You know what I hate a lot? Stupid drivers. I live in Central Ohio (I actually live north of Columbus, but have to drive into Columbus to work) and people cannot drive. I am routinely amazed at the absolute lack of any perceiveable driving skill exhibited by most drivers in Columbus. For example - when you drive on the freeway, DON'T get in the fast lane and do the speed limit. I mean really people. Come on. And when you wish to change lanes, PLEASE check your blind spots BEFORE you begin to move into the new lane, not during the lane change. And I hate it when someone tailgates me for a mile or two, then finally moves into another lane to pass me, and FLIPS ME OFF. How is it MY fault that you are a giant tool? Oh well. These things just tend to drive me a little nuts. I probably should be more tolerant, right? Turn the other cheek and all that? Yeah, I'll be sure to work on that.

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