Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Alright. Okay. I don't want to get off on a rant here (apologies to Dennis Miller) - but stupid people make my life a living hell. I work in tech support (sucks to be me, dosen't it) and I have to make my living talking to people all day. I work for a cable ISP, and we have several different companies using our cable network to provide broadband internet connectivity. One of them is AOL (Gee, guess who I work for?). As much as I hate to bash them, dosen't it seem like the world's stupidest people use their service? I frequently have to talk to their users - and as I try to collect information about their PC's I'll invariably ask the magic question, "What OS is on your PC?". Can you guess the most popular answer I get from the AOL users? If you responded "AOL 9.0", then congratulations. You win the prize. It just makes you want to tear out huge chunks of your hair, or start beating your head against a wall. I swear people like this are turning me prematurely grey. I also love the people who have no idea how their Windows OS works - they need a lesson in pointing and clicking just to get into the Start Menu. Bah.
Sorry to just be complaining today. Seems like when you start having a bad day, even little things just keep making it worse, eh?

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