Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pictures of The Great Swingset Adventure

Grandma and Grandpa D got the twins a big swingset for their birthday, and came up this past Sunday to help us build it, along with help from Jen and Beau - and Connor and Andrew, of course!

And here are the pictures Sara took, so you can all share in the fun -

Under construction

Jen built a slide! (Sure, she had some help...)

I think there's kids in there

Yep, there's Connor and Mara!

Say 'Cheese!!'

Connor and Mara want to help

Mara is washing her hands

Grandma and Andrew

Grandma and Andrew

Grandma and Andrew

It's never gonna get done...


Mara is checking out her swing

And Alex's

Alex was our foreman

Huh. He's got the wrong instructions. Maybe THAT'S what took so long... ;)

Soccer ball!!!

Alex in the playhouse

Alex in the playhouse

Alex wants to swing, already!

Nope. Still not done.

The kids decided to use the slide.

It's just as much fun when it's lying on the ground!!

Still not done. But getting closer.

Connor riding his trike.

Still working on it.

Alex wants to go up the stairs. And at one point - he did!

Mara used the climbing wall.

Yay!!! Finally swinging!!!

Mara and Connor went first.

Alex watched Connor. He got a turn too, there's just no picture of it.

It was a VERY long day (as all who were there can attest to), but it's all done and the kids love it. Mara constantly runs to the back door, looks out the window and tells me 'Daddy! SWINGS!!' Many thanks to all of Sara's family for helping out, and a special thanks from the twins goes out to Grandma and Grandpa for the birthday present!

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