Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Twin Pictures II (or so...) - Electric Twin-a-loo

I know, I know - It's been WAY too long since the last pictures were posted. I admit it, I suck. But havin' kids is HARD, ya'll (just read it in your best Britney voice, it'll make sense...) Anywhosit, here are the real stars of the blog - the twins!

The twins in their high chairs



Alex Man!

Mara Bear!

Alex is Jumperooing (is that a word?)

Alex in the Jumperoo

Mara is Jumperooing

Mara in the Jumperoo

Dueling Jumperoos!

Another dueling Jumperoo shot

Jumperoo Alex

Jumperoo Mara

Ready for a stroll outside

Off we go!

Don't make Alex angry - You wouldn't like him when he's angry...

I think they are trying to activate their Wondertwin powers!

Tummy Time



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