Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pictures of my poor Vue

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of my poor wrecked (yep folks, it's a total loss) 2006 Saturn Vue -

Front view

Rear view

Close-up rear (passenger side)

Driver side wheel (damaged)

Front driver side

Rear driver side

Front passenger side

Rear Passenger side

Sad, isn't it? I just got the car at the beginning of February - we'd only made 1 payment on it!!

But, thanks to the wonderful people at Saturn North (and the fact that we realized that we needed to replace the car as fast as possible, what with the upcoming birth of the twins), I have a new Vue - take a look -

My NEW 2007 Saturn Vue

I didn't really want to have to buy a new car so soon, but, it worked out to be the best thing to do under the circumstances. I'm very happy with the new Vue, and this one will surely last us a good long time.

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