Thursday, August 31, 2006

Things are just falling apart...

Maybe I'm just unlucky. I really don't know. It's been a bad couple of weeks on the home front - our lawn mower is acting up, our garage door broke (but we were able to jury-rig it into semi-health again, good enough to not need to call a repairman), and now the refrigerator is broken. At the very least we'll have to call in a repairman, and at the worst it could be new refrigerator time. It really sucks because the current one is only 4 years old! That, plus I think my home desktop PC monitor is dying, and my laptop has a dead battery - yeah, not a good couple of weeks. Maybe this means something really good is about to happen, right? Like maybe I'll get a great new job, or my wife will get a great new job - or something, right?

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