Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm still alive - I swear!

Just haven't posted anything in (quite) awhile. My wife and I went on a short vacation last week, just a few days away from home at the Belterra Casino/Resort. Nice resort, cramped smoke-filled casino (yuck), and in a VERY remote location of the Ohio River. Seriously remote - the nearest 'town' (Vevay, IN) was 8 miles away and was TINY. Consisted of a graveyard, couple churches, Family Dollar, Dairy Queen, Gas station with attached Subway, and a bowling alley that seemed to never open. The town's big claims to fame? Being never the Belterra Resort and being the home of the Switzerland County Visitor's Center. Quite the bustling metropolis, eh?

Despite that, we had a good time, didn't win any money unfortunately - but didn't lose our shirts (house, cars, etc.) So we could have done worse. We happened upon Indiana's most remote McDonald's (check out pin A on this Google Map), and also stopped over in Cincinnati - got some bowling in (because we had to practice with our new bowling balls, of course), had dinner out with friends of the wife, and went out to a movie with the father-in-law. All in all, a good time. But over much too soon, really. Had the remainder of the week off at home and then had to come into work as normal today - blah. Oh well, perhaps I'll finally have some luck on the 'Need a new job' front - I've got another interview coming up on Monday.

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