Thursday, March 10, 2005

My brother - luckiest man alive!

My brother works for a audio-visual presentation services company - basically they develop and produce events (incorporating stage lighting and decoration, audio, multimedia presentations and many other services) for clients such as Microsoft, Burger King, various automakers shows at the Detroit Auto Show, and other events. Sure, you say, that's cool. But why is he the luckiest man alive, you ask? Well, the recent event he's working on is for Burger King and their partner in a new promotion - Lucasfilm. My brother's company will be doing a big event for Burger King, part of which involves a screening of Episode III before it is released in theatres. That in and of itself is very cool, but there's more. To setup the event and coordinate all the different aspects of it, he'll be attending a meeting with executives for all parties. Held at Skywalker Ranch (Here's another link with more pictures and additional info about the ranch). Now that is cool - I'm very jealous!

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