Friday, February 25, 2005

You want some cheese with that whine, Michael?

Apparently Michael Gorman, President of the American Library Association, is not fond of bloggers. He also smacks Google around in that article, talking about an op-ed piece he wrote for the Los Angeles Times called "Google and God's Mind (December 17th, 2004)" in which he "question(s) the usefulness of Google digitizing millions of books and making bits of them available via its notoriously inefficient search engine." Well, I'm rather surprised that the Dean of Library Services, Madden Library, California State University doesn't like Google, or blogs. Because if I can read blogs (some of which have actual good information and/or valid points on world affairs) and search Google for information and for books - why would I even need to step inside a library again? So yeah, I'm not at all surprised. But to call Google "notoriously inefficient" seems just a little harsh. Maybe he's just bad at it, and has to take it out on those of us who can actually use Google to find what we are looking for more quickly and efficiently than we could by going to the library. Now don't get me wrong - I'm not against libraries, and I think supporting and funding libraries is important. Maybe a better way to approach the "Blog People" as he calls them would be to start a discussion of ways their worlds can merge - libraries and Google and blogs all working together. I can think of one of the "Blog People" who helps libraries all the time, Pamela Ribon. She runs, and she's spent tons of her time organizing book drives for libraries. It's very cool how they do it, the library creates a wish list on of books they'd like to have, and people go to those wish lists, buy a book or two, and have them shipped to the library that needs them. Now how's that for integrating libraries and "Blog People"?

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