Thursday, September 23, 2004

It's on like Donkey Kong!! (to quote Chip)

Didn't have enough time to post about this yesterday, but the finale of The Amazing Race was Tuesday. It was a great race, and the best finish in my opinion. Chip and Kim were my favorite team by far, and it was great fun to finally have the team I've been rooting for during the season finally win one!! One of the best parts of watching the finale was my wife's reaction to some interesting hats worn by Chip and Kim, and Brandon. You can see them in this picture -

That's right - red ski caps that say "Canada" on them and look like a maple leaf! Here's a bigger photo -

Neat, huh? So basically, every time my wife saw one she started giggling and going "I want one!" They are proving to be kinda hard to find though. Haven't had any luck except for one we found on eBay, and the bidding for it is over $33 right now. That's a little pricey. Gotta keep looking, I guess. But overall a great show (2 time Emmy award winner!) and a great finale!

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