Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Recent events

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I was sick this past weekend. Start feeling a little odd on Thursday, and by Friday evening I had a fever just over 101. Not a lot of fun, I assure you. So I was out of commission Saturday, and still a little out of it Sunday morning. Felt a whole lot better Sunday, but still not normal. But it's all OK now, so here's something a little more interesting to read about!

Having a bit of trouble finding the soundtrack to Garden State, it's been out since the 10th of August but it seems that every store I go to doesn't have any in stock. Maybe I'll just download it from the iTunes Music Store - oh wait, they don't have it either!! Well, technically I can download each song individually, but that's really not the same, is it?

My wife and I went to see an advance screening of Suspect Zero last night, it was interesting, but not a great movie. An unconventional thriller, and had some interesting plot twists. Not the best, and the trailer for it gives away too much (like many of them do), but still not a bad movie.

We also went to see Open Water - saw that Sunday evening (after I was mostly recovered from my illness.) It was good, not as scary as I had though it would be though. And the weird thing I noticed - Steve Lemme from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe (they did the movies Super Troopers and Club Dread) was in it briefly! And the girl in the movie (Blanchard Ryan) was in Super Troopers! This all relates because as I was sitting there watching the movie, I was thinking "Hmm, where have I seen that girl before?" and as soon as I saw Steve Lemme, I realized that she was in Super Troopers. See, this is how my mind works sometimes.

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