Friday, March 26, 2004

"This stuff blew my mind..."

It is becoming increasingly easy to have a very critical view of our government. Thanks to Richard Clarke, former Counterterrorism expert for the White House (and a man with 30 years experience in government, who worked for Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr.), our current Executive Branch leadership is shown in a much less than flattering light. I believe John Stewart said it best on The Daily Show the day that Mr. Clarke testifyed before the 9/11 commission - "This stuff blew my mind - the behind the scenes story of who did what and who knew what - and when...". I unfortunately didn't get to see all of Mr. Clarke's testimony myself, but the snippets I did see (or hear thanks to NPR) really did make me very curious. I cannot believe the current administration's take that they did everything possible to stop terrorism, and I trully do not know enough about Mr. Clarke to say with 100% absolute surety that his take on how things happened between Jan. 2001 and Sept. 4th, 2001 (when he sent his warning letter to National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice) is the absolute honest truth. That said, something really compels me to BELIEVE Mr. Clarke. Maybe it's his earnest manner, or how passionate he seems when speaking about how he felt the White House didn't take these threats seriously enough. I don't know - I just believe him. Maybe it's easier to believe Mr. Clarke because I find our current leadership very difficult to believe. At any rate, it's a very interesting thing to watch and follow through the news. We can only hope that this helps to move the government back towards a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

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