Saturday, March 20, 2004

Stupid Tickmaster Piece Of Crap!!!

Grrrrrr. I freakin' hate Ticketmaster! Ordering tickets from them is a major pain, but since I'm stuck at work - I had to order through their website. And boy, did it suck! I've got a set of tickets that aren't that great - and it looked like my order didn't go through at all there for a bit! I toyed with the idea of placing another order, but prudently decided that it would be really bad if I ended up with twice as many tickets as I really wanted. So I waited - PATIENTLY - and was finally able to see that my order had processed through OK, and so if I had placed another I would really be in a bad spot. Stupid Ticketmaster piece of crap!!! (To quote Puppet Angel). Whatever, I've got my tickets, and I'm seeing Rush on June 2nd - the greatness of the show will make up for the stupidity of the ticket purchasing process.

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