Saturday, March 13, 2004

So, another Saturday at work. I still contend that no one should have to work on Saturday or Sunday. I just think it's mean to make people work those days unless their work is so absolutely necessary that society as a whole would crumble to the ground without them on the job. But maybe that's just me.

In other news, the beginnings for the yearly craze known as March Madness have begun to take a hold of the wife. She's a huge fan of college basketball (her favorite team is Cincinnati), and tournament time is without a doubt her favorite time of the year. She's already informed me that I am not allowed to bother her during Selection Sunday, which is tomorrow. Which is OK, as I still have The Sims to keep me entertained.

On yet another tangent, I read a great article that I found a link to on Slashdot about the coming fall of the console video game industry. Good read, and the direct link is HERE.

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